The shoes you would wear to work are finally the cool shoes to wear around town. The loafer, originally thought of as a men’s shoe, is now a cool look for girls too. Kendall Jenner was even recently seen strutting around in a pair of blue suede loafers from H&M during Paris Fashion Week. Are you into the trend of wearing a dressy shoe look with a causal outfit?

This Fashionista wore a cute pair of black loafers that have a horse bit hardware design. The chain detail on top of the loafer is what seems to be making these fancy shoes so popular. Gucci has used the chaining detail on the trending shoes for years. Making the shoes for both men and women, the loafer can also be found with the horse bit design.

On this warmer day in Boston, this Fashionista did not stop at the loafers with her fabulous look. This Fashionista wore a pair of black knee-high socks with her loafers, doing something unique with the shoes and rocking it. Moving to her outfit, this Fashionista paired a striped dress under a beautiful gray coat just a few inches shorter in length. I just died over how cute the coat was and searched for a similar one. After searching, I found a pretty gray coat on Forever 21’s website that was even on sale.

Completing this perfect look, this Fashionista wore a pair of cool retro glasses, a septum piercing in silver, a black scarf and some layered silver necklaces. Just wow! What an overall fantastic look.

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For multi-purpose wear, it’s all about bug-eyed sunglasses. Don’t let the world see your makeup smear due to 30 mph winds.”