September 30th, 2015 at 2:10am

As the weather is cooling off and we head into fall (chant with me, “pumpkin spice! pumpkin spice!”) we’re seeing not only the typical reappearance of longer sleeves and pants but long lines in general. Dusters, mid-length skirts and blazers that are cut below rather than above the hip are all popping up. There’s even talk that skinny jeans are out and flared jeans, which can make the leg look longer, are in. Personally, I don’t think flared jeans are for me. I’ll save that particular look for the boho babes. If you’re also not a flared fan, there’s no need to be distressed; there are other ways to show some love to those long lines.

Height can be a complicated factor when playing with length. I know from personal experience that if an item is too short or too long, you can end up being visually cut in half in a funny way. If you often find yourself summiting your kitchen counter to reach the top shelf (read: short) then a trench coat is a really awesome way to add those longer lines to your look.

Trench coats are a classic piece. They pop up in lists of wardrobe essentials for a variety of styles. Parisian, preppy, army-chic or minimalist—the list goes on and on. It comes in a variety of prints and colors which means you can hit more than one trend in one go. They are constantly on-trend with their popularity making a rise in the fall, hibernating in the winter and peaking in the spring. The trench coats fashion relevance hits a high this fall in particular, what with the trend of longer lines.

This Fashionista hit the metaphorical nail on the head with her look. The relatively light color palette of her outfit kept her from being too heavy into traditional fall earth tones early in the season while also wearing an item (her terrific trench) that was a testament to fall. The laced cuffs of her coat and succinctly tied bow add a sweet touch to an item that finds its roots in tough military history.

Choosing a neutral rather than a brightly toned coat works to her advantage, allowing other parts of her look to stand out. Her graphic clutch pops that much more, her watch an elegant addition and her shoes another classic touch when framed by trendy taupe. Ironically, this Fashionista doesn’t worry too much about trends when she dresses. She gains a lot of her fashion inspiration from foreign dramas. She knows what she likes when she sees it and tries to see how she can coordinate what she sees on TV into her day-to-day style. It’s a strategy that seems to be working if her charming outfit is any testament.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Everyone should wear what they like. It’s the best way, I think.”