Most of us Fashionistas feel that men have it much easier in association to many aspects of life, and especially when it comes to fashion. However, all Fashionistos know that choosing the right colors and materials for each season is a must in order to continuously achieve an up-to-date look or trend. While not every designer chooses the same color palette or type of material for their collections each season, many have focused around a combination of lightweight material and light and dark shades of the basics: blue, white, gray and beige for their spring/summer 2015 collections.

This Fashionisto is on trend this summer as his color palette consists of light, classic colors and pieces made of lightweight material that portray a casual yet trendy statement, so no matter what occasion he plans to attend he arrives in the perfect summer-wear. His light colored ‘sea blue’ shorts are made of a lightweight linen material cut at a great length giving off a comfortable breezy feel and a relaxed casual vibe. This style of shorts can also be worn in a broad range of colors to achieve any type of summer look. Whether he is relaxing at the lake for the day or going to weekend events with friends, this Fashionisto’s combination of versatile shorts, classic white V-neck T-shirt and a lightweight linen zip-up hoodie sweatshirt creates a great wardrobe for not only any summer occasion but also any type of weather that this both scorching and unpredictable season brings. Lastly this summer look consisting of the perfect color blend is completed with Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes colored of mainly light blue detailed with white soles and laces.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I mainly focus on what is comfortable, especially with the hot summer weather, but I also try to stay simple and casual with my styled looks so that I can wear similar styles to any planned or unplanned event.”