As men’s fashion continues to get more popular on the runways, in magazines and even on social media, many Fashionistos can be found channeling their inner fashion sense and creating great outfits for school, work or even date night.

This Fashionisto is ahead of the fall 2015 trends with the perfect mix of casual wear and sophistication similar to what can be found within the Bottega Veneta fall 2015 menswear collection. This mix of sophistication and casual dress is being crowned “lounge luxe.” Other design houses such as  PAUL & JOE used the new look as a major part of their shows as well.

While PAUL & JOE made use of color in clothing rather than shoes, I love how this Fashionisto switched it up and kept the clothing neutral and used the shoes as his pop of color.

The lounge pieces here are his chimney-collar sweatshirt and, of course, his sneakers. The sweatshirt is really on-trend this season, especially paired with suit coats or blazers. Adding his own spin, this Fashionisto did a great job of using his shoes as the centerpiece to tie the look together. Sneakers with bold colors make any outfit stand out and are great for walking from class to class. The luxe pieces are his dark skinny jeans and olive peacoat. Dark jeans can dress up any look, and the peacoat is a great way to still look like an adult but be relaxed at the same time. Looks similar to this Fashionisto’s are great for any occasion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Shoes are what can make or break your outfit. Wearing vibrant shoes make people look at your outfit more than once to take in how each piece goes well together.”