It’s another great day to be a Fashionista/Fashionisto this summer, especially when you’ve got style like this cool chick. We’ve all experienced those awkward, hot and humid days where you just don’t know what to wear. Nothing tight-fitting, so it doesn’t stick to your body, but nothing too loose because it’s summer. Well this chick has all of the answers for you with a few simple pieces that will leave you feeling comfortable and fresh, or as I like to call it, “loosey goosey.”

When you think of loose clothing, baggy T-shirts often come to mind, but what we should really be focusing on these days are amazing culottes! These loose-fitting pants have all of the comfort that maxi skirts do, while having the practical structure that pants have as well. They are the best of both worlds and they are making their mark on this summer’s fashion. Whether you choose to style a patterned, classic, long or short pair; it’s all about the comfort. We all remember gaucho pants. Our mothers would buy them for us to wear to any and every semi-fancy event we had to go to with them while we were growing up, but now they have reached a new level. These printed culottes that our Fashionista is flaunting are a perfect way to encompass comfort along with that personal summer style that we are all looking for.

So how does one style a pair of these new age gauchos? This superstar Fashionista does a great job at styling her printed pair with some basics yet essentials. Her white T-shirt and watch give the outfit a crisp feel, instead of distracting from the detail of the culottes, while her brown cross-body bag and jean jacket give the outfit that casual look. And to top it all off these gladiator jelly shoes add the perfect amount of fun to any outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Stick to pieces that you’re comfortable in and you’ll always be stylish; confidence is style.”