STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Looking Cool in the Cold

January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Looking Cool in the Cold

Trying to find yourself wearing a fashionable outfit when the weather hits below 30 can be an issue for most of us. I know for me it is easiest to throw on my winter coat, boots, scarf and call it a day, but it could all be so easy. Dressing for the cold can come in many different ways, ones that are more fashionable than just a winter coat and boots.

When dressing for the cold weather some fashionable essentials include: jeans, tights, sweatshirts, sweaters, boots, booties, and high-top sneakers, so no snow gets in! For a chilly day outside, this Fashionisto decided to keep things light. Being on the more creative side he decided to create his own DIY skinny jeans with a frayed bottom. Being that boots can be bulky and not all winter weather boots are viewed as fashionable, this Fashionisto wore high-top Converse to keep his feet warm.

Going without a coat in the cold weather is hard, but seeing a coat cover up your amazing outfit is even harder. One way to get around this issue is the material of the top you choose to wear. Materials that will keep you warmer when you want to leave that winter jacket at home include velour, knit, cashmere, flannel, and fleece. In order to stay warm, this Fashionisto wore an Adidas velour sweatshirt with a warm maroon color to give his outfit a little pop.

Next time you dress for the cold weather, do not fear it. Put down your long winter coat that covers every inch of your outfit and find pieces of clothing that keep the heat in, while making you look fashionable. Goodbye winter coat, hello warm fabrics.