February 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

Do you remember the craze of November 5, 2015, the day Balmain and H&M released their collection to the public? Some of us waited in the massive lines outside the store, hoping to score an item or two from the collection (without tapping into our savage instincts, if possible). Others waited by the computer, refreshing ebay every few minutes for the best resale deal. Others of us stayed back and gazed at the beautiful Instagram posts of those adorned in their new clothing from the coveted collaboration.  Wherever you were that day, you knew this was a big deal in the world of fashion. This Fashionisto was fortunate to make it into the H&M store and snag a few items, including this fabulous winter coat.

Balmain is known for its combination of elegant and sophisticated pieces. Glamorous evening gowns and tailored pieces are the brand’s expertise. Such a renowned brand can be too expensive for a broke college student, and such fine garments may seem out of place in a student’s wardrobe.  But the collaboration with H&M has provided a more affordable and wearable collection for any lifestyle and budget.

The wool coat this Fashionisto wears is a very malleable piece that can be worn dressed up or down. He has chosen to pair it with jeans and leather boots and gloves to survive Philadelphia’s winters and topped it off with a faux fur scarf to look good while doing so. This coat is also the perfect closet staple that can be worn for years. The classic color, shape and accents of the coat create a timeless and modernized look with the paired pieces.

This Fashionisto values looking good, even on bitter cold days when the temptation to bundle up in less-than-fashionable pieces is strong. He suggests layering up in discrete ways, like wearing pants under your pants. Put your focus on the coat, scarf, pants, shoes and not other people’s opinions.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I don’t get dressed for other people. I get dressed for me. When I’m dressed up I feel productive. It makes me feel good about myself.”