Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Take your shirt skills to a whole new level with some cool prints that’ll help you stand out. Printed shirts have the most eye-catching designs and can work with every season.

Shirts are a basic necessity for the average human being, but printed shirts are a basic necessity for the average Fashionista/o. You can find prints of all types on various styles of shirts. You can go for your basic floral prints or go completely crazy with some yummy doughnut prints. Each shirt bursts with its very own personality allowing you to express yourself without saying a word.

I spotted this Fashionisto from afar with an angel baby printed collared shirt. At first I didn’t notice the prints were angel babies (partially because I’m blind) but once I got a closer look they really made his outfit stand out. I have seen a lot of print shirts in my days, but this one took the cake. Keeping the focus on his shirt, he decided to choose more subtle colors for the rest of his outfit. Black and grey were perfect choices for his snapback. He also did the same for his sneakers. He has a very urban style and his shirt complements it. I like how it’s such an effortless combination, because the printed shirt is so busy that he doesn’t have to do much with the rest of his attire.

So try getting a little bit crazy with some printed shirts that really speak your mind or your taste buds.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Go big or go home! Prints are your best friend when you don’t want to just blend in with the rest. Plus they make really good conversation starters.”