When I saw this Fashionisto, I immediately had a flashback to my Freshman year in high school. Back then, a friend of mine on the track team would meet me every day at practice and tell me about a new song she had heard by this super cool rapper, Theophilus London. We were both obsessed with his unique sound. His music is a mix of alternative and electronic, dominated by his deep house beats and hip hop influences. What I loved even more about Theophilus was his classic sense of style.

His signature look typically includes a button-down, skinny jeans, loafers and a pair of sunglasses. He alternates sweater vests, snapbacks, blazers and fedoras into his look frequently. Basically, his style is the perfect marriage of dapper and urban. The Fashionisto that I’m featuring exhibits the same effortlessly cool vibe that Theophilus does.

He’s wearing a plain black button-down, a refreshing alternative to the typical white polo frequently seen on Elon’s campus. He is also sporting a pair of pants, hovering between the seafoam and turquoise family. His look is completed with a pair of taupe oxfords, a Fossil messenger bag and aviator glasses. If he just added a gold chain and a pair of suede loafers, he would look stage-ready. Or, at least like the coolest looking guy at an Elon party.

If you want to get the London look (ha!), take notes. One denim shirt, plus one velvet blazer, plus a pair of men’s chinos and your finest gold watch creates the perfect downtown vibe. You’ll be a hit-making musician in no time.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s really all about simplicity. The less you try, the greater the results.”