August is finally here, which means there is less than one month of summer vacation left for most college students. The last few months have gone by fast, and if you’re anything like me, a lot of that time was spent on your feet. Exercise, work, sight-seeing, mall walking and a number of other things can attribute to why your favorite sneaker or sandal is now in tatters this summer, and surely by now your feet are begging you, “Please, no more,” as you lace up to run that last 5k before the semester starts. The last month of summer vacation should be relaxed and comfortable, so why not set those poor sneakers down and slip on some comfy loafers instead.

Loafers are sturdy shoes that are worn by both men and women. The look can vary from a simplistic polished leather in black or brown, to a soft worn leather in a moccasin style shoe. These shoes are easy to slip on and off without the hassle of shoe laces and can work in a casual or formal environment.The various styles and colors of loafers makes them a great choice to pair with a variety of outfits. Some loafers are lined with faux fur, making this shoe a fashion choice for every season.

This Fashionisto wore a simple tan pair of loafers which he combined with gray dress pants. A simple light denim button-down completes the look, creating a clean look with minimal effort. This type of outfit is only one example of a look that could combine well with loafers, but there’s no limit to what outfits these shoes can complement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Loafers are comfortable, easy to move in and they match my belt.”