STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Live Like Your Inspiration

Like every great artist becomes inspired from something or someone, the same goes for fashion lovers. As Fashionistas and Fashionistos, we love to be inspired in what we wear. I am sure there is someone out there whom we constantly look up to and to some extent try to act and or dress like them. Some of us tend to be easily influenced by fashion bloggers who are heavily influencing the trend of streetwear. Some of us are influenced by how the celebrities dress or certain looks we adopted straight from the runway.

In this case, we have a Fashionisto whose work and personal style is both heavily inspired by Yohji Yamamoto—a famous Japanese fashion designer. Yohji has a unique style draping clothes that look simple, yet with a sense of avant-garde. He often introduces oversized silhouettes with different texture. Darker colors such as military green and black are his signature colors.

Inspired by the oversized silhouette Yohji often introduces, as well as the rebellious style of his work, the Fashionisto put on a below-the-knee coat over a white T-shirt. The white T-shirt gives possibility to any accessories or outfit the Fashionisto likes to layer. The coat is made of light fabric that is ideal for summer in San Francisco. The Fashionisto then paired it with drop-crotched pants that gave the Fashionisto a lot of personality. Lastly, the Fashionisto put on a pair of simple canvas sneakers with zip detail. The overall look was loosely fitting that gave an air of rebellion and masculinity.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Put on the most iconic garment pieces of your fashion icon. If your icon happens to be Yohji Yamamoto too, put on an oversized coat over a simple T-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting pants.”