STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lilly Prints Are Sure To Put A Prep In Your Step

As spring begins to bloom, preppy Lilly Pulitzer prints start sprouting on girls all over campus. The designer Lilly Pulitzer is known for her brightly-colored, whimsical and well-made dresses. The brand as a whole exudes fun and femininity and that extends to all aspects of every Lilly Pulitzer piece as well.

The Lilly Pulitzer brand has endured its style and relevance due largely in part to the generations of loyal women who love the cheery clothes. Although you are sure to catch these lively prints on campus all year round, the “Queen of Prep” prints are most popular in summer and spring. The laid back clothing line definitely emulates the months in which they are most often worn.

Girls who wear Lilly often cite wearing the Floridian brand because of its girly and classic nature. This Fashionista was a true vision in Lilly; she even works at a Lilly Pulitzer store. Her outfit was simply chic and had me recollecting my summer days soaking up Vitamin D and shopping in Palm Beach.

This Fashionista’s ensemble was extra trendy now that spring is here. I love how she wore a hot pink, preppy collared shirt tucked into a classy and vibrant mini skirt. I also adore the bright embroidery on the front of the skirt because it adds so much depth to the rest of the outfit. This Fashionista finished off her outfit with other classic pieces including white Jack Rogers sandals, a brown carryall and a gold watch. Jack Rogers and Lilly Pulitzer are a true match made in preppy heaven. Next time you want to dress like the timeless and lovely Jackie O, don a Lilly Pulitzer print and feel your inner happiness shine confidently onto everyone you meet.

What Is Your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Lilly Pulitzer is resort-chic and full of whimsical patterns. I think it’s important in my own style, and while representing Lilly Pulitzer, to dress simple and sophisticated with a flare of fun. The more collected and clean your look is, the more confident you will come across to people. I value comfort, simplicity and a tasteful combination of clothing, accessories and jewelry in my wardrobe. I have limited time in my schedule so it’s crucial I enjoy getting ready for the day and my style does not seem excessive or take an excessive amount of time.”