Hopefully by now nearly everyone knows that colored pants and shorts have become an essential staple in each person’s closet. But, what about lightweight shorts? Shorts with polyester or nylon blends have been becoming more and more popular. Taking the place of cotton, polyester and nylon are known to be far more lightweight and, as gross as it sounds, don’t absorb as much sweat as the more traditional fabric. Even when fabric is a mix of cotton and another material such as polyester or nylon the overall fabric will still be much lighter than 100 percent cotton.

This Fashionisto picked up his maroon colored shorts from H&M, along with two more pairs he said. His shorts are a polyester blend, and they’re super lightweight and thin. The maroon colored pants are the perfect highlight of the outfit but also still simple enough to wear a patterned shirt with them. This type of pant is perfect for summer. The light fabric keeps you cool and comfortable and having the option of a bright color keeps you looking in season even if you’re wishing the temperature wasn’t. Perhaps this is why they’re trending at the moment. Pair these cool shorts with a nice sneaker or maybe boat shoes to bring the outfit full circle.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Lightweight shorts are great for this time of year, especially when it gets really humid and sticky outside. Pick a pair in a great color and build the rest of your outfit off of them!”