STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let’s Talk Band T-shirts

When running late for class, we’re more susceptible to throwing together a sloppy outfit of sneakers and sweatpants (or even worse: gym shorts and sandals). While it’s especially easy to dismiss style in exchange for comfort, comfort and style aren’t necessarily counterparts; I find that the best kind of fashion melds comfort and style together seamlessly. One easy solution is styling around band T-shirts. I especially love when the material of the band T-shirt is soft and broken-in—it makes them perfect for sleeping in and then rolling out of bed for class the next morning. Graphic T-shirts are great because they’re a way to support your favorite artist while adding a quirky touch to your outfit. Better yet, they’re wonderfully easy to style around!

Band T-shirts act as great conversation starters because they quite strategically select who might approach you in conversation, i.e. those with the same taste in music as you. Take this Fashionisto’s edgy graphic of Kanye West’s sixth studio album, Yeezus. While I’m more of a Taylor Swift kind of girl, I can certainly appreciate his edgy and bold sense of style. His band shirt pairs so well with some black, destroyed skinny jeans. The distressing on the knees further accentuates the edgy element of his entire outfit, and it exemplifies how the band T-shirt and distressed jeans combo can make quite a statement. Rather than opting for a typical pair of beaten sneakers or combat boots, I love how he ties together his entire look with a pair of suede brown Chelsea boots. His shoes, as well as the golden watch, create a much cleaner, polished finish that adds the right juxtaposition between edgy and classic. Even for rushed students, his look is easy to pull off, which is why it resonates with me so well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t let people discourage you from wearing what you want—not your family, friends or even significant other. Throw on a flannel with a graphic T-shirt. Heck, throw on a blazer with a graphic T-shirt. As long as you wear it, own it.”