STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let Your Shoes Do The Talking

Converse sneakers are definitely worth conversing about this summer. People have been stepping into their Chuck Taylors for years, but lately has become a staple piece in everyone’s closets. Converse have been appearing in many bold colors ranging from the classic white to the bright red depicted above. New patterns and materials have also been spotted including an American flag printed low-top sneaker (see last week’s article for how to incorporate patriotic pieces like this into your look), leather All-Stars and even sequined high-tops. Let your shoes do the talking by choosing a pair of Converse that express you!

This Fashionista was seen wearing a cute yet casual outfit. A plain white tank top paired with black leggings was all she needed as the highlight of her outfit was her cherry red Converse that added an accent color to her neutral look. By sticking to a color palette, you can emphasize specific articles in your look. This Fashionista stuck to her black and white theme by accessorizing with black leather wrap bracelets and a striped necklace.  Having a bright accent color on her feet draws immediate attention to her shoes and transforms her simple outfit into an edgy ensemble. Throwing your hair into a bun can be an easy go-to hairstyle. Embellish your bun with a glitzy wrap like this Fashionista did. Little touches like this can make your comfortable outfit more fun.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When out and about, I like to be comfortable while also being trendy. Adding unique colors to casual pieces like my Converse add style while appearing effortless and simple.”