STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let Me See that Color Pop!

Whether a Fashionista/o is wearing winter whites or a neutral color palette, he or she can be spotted from across campus. Yes, the neutral color palette is, in fact, a popular go-to during the start of the spring semester. Winter whites have also been making an appearance as well. There are some days, however, that people just want to express their fun, happy-go-lucky attitudes through pops of color in their clothes. This Fashionista stood out to me instantly with her brightly colored outfit.

Like I said, this Fashionista instantly caught my eye. Out of the numerous amount of people I saw in the Shack, I noticed her because of the pop of color in her outfit. What initially impressed me about her colorful outfit was her polka-dot sweater from Target. The navy polka dots and bright, green background of the sweater created the perfect balance between bright and dark tones. It’s always a good decision to stand apart from the crowd and wear something that catches the eye. To add an extra color pop to her look, she wore a paisley-patterned watch from Charming Charlie and a shiny Claddagh ring.

Since it’s the winter and most people are wearing neutrals, this Fashionista knew not to step too far out of the boundaries. Because of the colder temperatures, she decided to go for the layered look. This Fashionista layered a light blue button-down shirt underneath her polka-dot sweater to help tone down her overall ensemble. The button-down shirt plus her dark jeans and brown boots complemented her sweater, resulting in a perfect combination of bright and neutral. Finally, she carried a dark green clutch. It goes well with the overall look that this Fashionista was trying to achieve.

This winter, remember that it’s okay to wear colors other than black, brown and grey. Contrast bright and dark to create an outfit just like this Fashionista did. Adding a pop of color will always turn an outfit that seems boring into something interesting, so make sure to note that you do have the option to show off your fun and happy-go-lucky attitude with bright colors.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to mix and match old and new pieces. Layering allows you to bring new life to old clothes. Also, don’t be afraid to wear off-season colors. They can brighten up a cold, winter day.”