STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let Me Grab My Poncho, I Don’t Care Where We Go

Another trend, another thank you owed to your mom. The case for ponchos, however, is not so easily cut and buy as most single outfit elements that come back into fashion. The poncho, more than any other 2015 fashion trend, has been met with doubt and hesitancy. Flashbacks of dreaded grade school picture days should be set aside, as the poncho is bound to be a multi-season friendly staple.

If you still have doubts, let’s dissect the origins of the poncho’s rebirth. In contrast with the first decade of the millennial, trends of 2010s have prioritized comfort. The looser, more knitted and oversized, the better as opposed to the preppy early 2000’s. Ponchos epitomize this approach, much like the beloved circle scarf, which quickly became a wardrobe essential during the fall 2013 season. Large lattices and soften material has made the poncho experience something like wearing a functional blanket.

Still worried about the presentation? This Fashionista offers an outfit perfect for transitioning in the poncho. Her collared shirt, particularly of a vibrant, contrasting color, works the poncho in like any other sweater. Black skinny motorcycle pants even out the oversized nature of the poncho while the height of her riding boots assures they are not lost in the overall look. Her look could easily be replicated with items you may have handy: any chambray top or general blouse, leggings or plain black pants and combat boots. In essence, outfits do not need to be designed around ponchos, just throw it on top of what you already know and love!

For now, ponchos remain on the cusp of popularity, but their functionality and versatility leaves the potential for them to be worn from fall through spring. As every college Fashionista knows, the more potential use an item has, the more valuable it is among the very limited confines of a college wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “How could you say no to a poncho? It’s like wearing a hug.”