Making an outfit pop usually consists of bright colors and lots of accessories. However, neutral colors, fewer accessories and simplicity have made a comeback. Basic patterns, colors and shapes are becoming more and more embraced. Subtle is the new bold. Minimal is the new standing out. Less is the new more.

I can totally see why. Not only is the minimalistic look clean and fresh, but it’s also so much easier! Whether you’re rushing off to class, a student organization or just to spend time with friends, simplifying your wardrobe can help you simplify your life. This Fashionisto clearly agrees with this perspective as his outfit is simple as can be.

Topping off this look, our Fashionisto is wearing a classic white T-shirt paired with an olive cardigan. For pants he’s wearing a pair of khakis that are cut off just above the ankle, giving off some major beach vibes. He’s also rocking a chic pair of adidas Stan Smith sneakers. His brown, leather backpack adds cool, rustic vibes, which is the perfect addition to this look. Each individual item of this outfit comes together to form a cohesive whole.

There’s nothing new or bold about this look, but it’s super refreshing and striking. Everything about this look is simple and classic but in a new, crisp way. That’s the great thing about classic pieces, they never get old. By deviating away from bold and bright, this Fashionisto has proven that old can be new. Keep it classic and simple, Fashionistas/os!