7 Essentials for Cute Camping

The month of August consists of many long, hot days where the living is easy. Therefore, packing for a camping trip should be anything but stressful! However, I always find myself frantically trying to overstuff my backpack with my whole wardrobe. If you are anything like me, then you need some guidelines to keep this process simple. It is essential to pack basics that mix and match, and fun accessories to keep things interesting!

I recommend you start with two T-shirts, one tank top, two pairs of shorts, one sweatshirt, a pair of leggings, a raincoat, and a cover-up for a week of camping. Pack less if you are only going away for the weekend! The list that follows breaks down my tried and true extras for the great outdoors. These items will let your personal style shine through.

1—Statement sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from intense sun rays is a must! My pick for the summer is blue-tinted aviator sunglasses! These frames are timeless but pack a punch with fun-colored lenses. If you feel this classic style is too tame, you could try thick cat-eye shades in cherry red or pastel pink that give a nod to the pin-up girls of the 1950s and 1960s.

2—Performance sandals. Whether you are team Tevas or Chacos, both sandals allow you to comfortably romp through streams and keep your footing while navigating tough terrain. Minimalists can stick to all-black styles while quirkier Fashionistas can choose from a range of intricate patterns and bold colors.

3—Hiking boots/sneakers. If you prefer a shoe that hits at the ankle and provides more stability and coverage, a hiking boot suits your needs! However, some people feel restricted by boots. If you fall into this category, then you should try trail sneakers which provide traction while letting your ankles breathe. Regardless of what you choose, have fun with your shoes! I like to switch out basic laces for a more colorful pair.

4—One-piece swimsuit. This is a no-brainer! A one-piece is more functional for swimming around a lake or traipsing through a stream. The one-pieces of today are far from dorky, so use yours to express yourself. I personally love a one-piece in a bright shade like coral.

5—Backpack. This is the perfect carryall! You can fit everything you need into one bag neatly given the different compartments. In addition to your clothing, I recommend bringing a book, BB cream, lip balm, bug spray, sunscreen, and a travel hammock in your backpack!

6—Hat. Whether you prefer a baseball cap, wide-brimmed sun hat, or bandana, all three can make an outfit and camouflage greasy locks instantly. Bandanas can also double as a cute bracelet!

7—Water-resistant watch. My favorite essential is a sporty watch! You can keep an eye on the time to ensure your activities move along smoothly.

Time to go explore! What are your favorite essentials for cute camping? Let me know in the comments below.