If there’s one wardrobe staple piece that stands out amongst the rest, it’s a black leather jacket. A leather jacket is such a classic piece and really emanates the “wow factor” in an everyday outfit. The Fashionista pictured above sported her leather jacket over a plain white graphic T-shirt. She added ripped jeans and sneakers to complete her casual yet edgy look. She also demonstrated wearing it draped over her shoulders for a more cool, effortless look.

When picking a leather jacket, make sure to be conscious of fit. You want to pick a style that’s both comfortable and flatters your figure. Once you find the perfect fit, you can wear it for any occasion. Not only can it just be worn with jeans and a tee for a casual day out, but paired with skirts and dresses for a date night or night out. Rocking a leather jacket not only makes you look stylish, but also exudes confidence—huge turn on!

Leather can also be a great professional piece for the office environment. It may not be everyone’s go-to, but picking a lighter style would be a great substitute for a blazer. Pairing it with a silk blouse, trousers, and pointed heels would make for the perfect office appropriate look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find a leather jacket that’s both comfortable and versatile! I love that I can wear my leather jacket casually by pairing it with a simple graphic T-shirt and sneakers but I can quickly dress it up by simply switching out the sneakers for black leather booties! Also adding layered necklaces or a chocker could easily dress it up for nighttime! When working with leather, it’s enough of a statement so simple pairings are best!”