STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leather or not, here we come.

This fall, leather anything is a must. Any self respecting fashionista should have a few leather pieces already hanging in their closets. However, this season, peek-a-boo leather is trending. Leather accents on shirts, jackets, bags and leggings give normal pieces a urban grunge look. Leather accents allow for leather to be allowed in outfits that would otherwise be considered unfitting to be fully leather, just as a blazer or a smart casual dress.

When thinking of this trend, think clean cut. Usually leather accents are perfect for outfits that need a little something to spice it up, but also needs to maintain a plain, fresh look. This a model wearing a white tank-top and legging with leather kneepads. Or a dress one would wear to church with leather pieces connected to the shoulders.

This Fashionista has excelled in using leather to spice up her everyday outfit. This outfit could just as easily been paired with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. However by utilizing a dazzling pair of olive trousers with leather accents, this Fashionista’s outfit is twice as trendy and adds an air of sophistication to her casual outfit. In addition, the fact that she added another more velvety texture into her outfit with her boots, it gave her outfit a funkier element. It turned the sophistication of the leather accents within her trousers into something a bit more grungy. In addition, the tribal print in her shirt hints towards the possibility of leather accents being used in warmer seasons as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make sure when wearing a striking accent such as leather to make sure your outfit has a crisp look to it, to make the outfit seem more urbane.”