After many years of fashion mishaps I have learned from experience that there is no better staple in your closet like a leather jacket. Always in-style and on-trend, leather jackets not only look sophisticated and chic but can pull you out of many fashion blunders.

I will wear a leather jacket when I go out with friends at night or during the day when I am running errands. Versatile for so many occasions, it is definitely worth the investment to have a good quality leather jacket. Not only can you dress up or down a leather jacket, but you will have the jacket for years in your closet, which is what makes this article of clothing so trendy.

What really drew me to this Fashionista was her combination of sporty-chic items matched with an on-trend leather jacket. Blue headphones and an array of necklaces helped complete a laid back vibe. What is great about this Fashionista is that she was able to turn a rather basic outfit, leggings, white sneakers and a long red shirt, into a daring “look at me” outfit with the addition of a leather jacket. With the weather getting colder, a leather jacket is a great article to have on hand. This Fashionista was comfy, cozy and chic!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I am really into the exercise clothes trend happening right now so I thought what better way to combine that style with a staple trendy jacket.”