There is no secret that leather is still a huge part of the fashion world. Whether you switch out your basic pair of jeans for leather leggings or have that leather jacket you wear everywhere, there is no denying that it doesn’t transform an outfit. During this season, leather is one of the best things to have in your closet. If you have yet to find that leather jacket that you are willing to splurge on, I highly recommend continuing to look! It took me two years to find the right one for me, and now I never take it off.

This Fashionista went the other route by transforming her ensemble with leather leggings. As you can see, this outfit would have still looked great with black pants or leggings, but the leather leggings gave this outfit something extra. Another great idea this Fashionista had was pairing the leather with denim. Denim and leather are such contrasting patterns, which inspired me and will hopefully inspire you as well. This Fashionista was caught walking on campus, which makes sense because this a great outfit to wear to class or out to lunch!

This Fashionista styled this outfit with more of an edgy purpose, but there are many ways you can go with leather leggings and denim. Her choice of Converse and spiked Rebecca Minkoff purse pull her toward the edgy side, but if she chose to wear short booties and a basic purse, she would have had more of a classic appeal to her look. Think about your style and how you could next wear your leather items in a unique way!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Contrasting patterns! I feel like denim gives off a more laid back appeal, and leather is more dangerous, so I wanted to pair them together.”