Can I just steal this entire look? Sometimes, I spot the kind of Fashionista who I wish could pick out my outfits each morning. This is a prime example. Once I laid eyes on the floral Converse, I had to document the entire look. Shoutout to the art department for having some of the best dressed students on campus. I am honored to grace your halls everyday.

This casual but trendy look is the perfect ensemble for “going to class” attire. It’s not too over the top and still comfortable. This is a great example of creating layers that adjust to the weather. Right now, the weather is going back and forth between cold and warm days. Wearing a lighter shirt with a cute jacket allows you to layer up for the cold and layer down in warmer buildings. Another stylish tip to layering is tying sweaters, cardigans or other pieces around your waist. It’s a cute alternative to carrying around the extra clothing or taking up room in your bag. For the lighter clothing, I am a sucker for graphic T-shirts. This Fashionista knows what’s up. Her neutral tones complement the warm maroon sweater around her waist. Finally, her floral Converse are incredible. Going to grab some of my own ASAP. The whole rolled jeans with high-tops look is one of my favorite trends on campus lately!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t let the weather stop you from dressing cute. There are always ways to get around a fluctuating temperature. Style has no season. Am I right?”