December 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

The transition between fall and winter is finally upon us. It’s not yet quite cold enough for heavy duty winter boots or big winter jackets, but it’s no longer warm enough for light sweaters. However, this Fashionisto is wearing the perfect combination of garments for cooler weather.

A dark wash pair of jeans is always a great option for fall weather that allows for various stylistic approaches. This Fashionisto opted for cuffed bottoms. For this look in particular, he shows off his shoes by cuffing the jeans. Moreover, the contrast between the cuff and the jean adds an extra element to the ensemble. A simple pair of jeans such as these are easy to find and are relatively inexpensive. To achieve this look, check out American Eagle Outfitters or Hollister Co.

To complement the lighter cuff from the jeans, the light blue button-up shirt is a perfect addition to this look. The piece also provides a beautiful contrast between the cool of the blue and the warmth of the rustic tan colored jacket and shoes. This specific jacket is from Forever 21 and the shoes are from Steve Madden. Despite the mix of warm and cool tones, the look is very balanced. With cooler colors as the base, warmer colors are layered on top. The gray scarf, moreover, is a good mediator between the two extremes.

Looking more closely at the accessories, the Fashionisto’s shoe choice is ideal for cooler temperatures. The shoe is thick enough to keep feet warm while also remaining stylish. Similar shoes styles add a simple, yet masculine touch to any outfit. Scarves are perfect accessories for chillier days and provide yet another styling opportunity. This Fashionisto draped his scarf in a way that enabled one end to hang in the front and another in the back, but scarves allow for a wide variety of draping options. Combining scarves with jackets allow for warmth to be achieved without sacrificing the fashionable appeal of a look.

Some of the perks of fall fashion are the ability to layer and incorporate a wide range of accessories. No matter the look you wish to achieve, utilize different stylistic approaches to spice up a simpler look and add a personal touch.