March 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

With temperatures below freezing and your winter wardrobe stumping you, all roads point to simple advice: layer up. This Fashionista displays a trend-filled look with larger, boxier silhouettes and mixing patterns and textures that have hit the runway in recent shows. Staying true to herself, she gives us a few tips on her own personal touches.

This outfit captures the essence of what it means to be comfortable with what you are wearing. That first requires pieces that create comfort, but also allow you to express your own style. Her recently purchased BDG boyfriend jeans are a favorite in her wardrobe because their silhouette screams casual cute, but also because of the two front seams running down the front to give the pants more interesting detail.

Something that is trending lately is the mixing and matching pieces, even if they are typically worn in different seasons, especially socks. This can create an entire new series of outfits for those of you who are stuck in your winter wardrobe. Her short sleeve hooded sweater is a casual summer sweater that can easily be thrown over a printed or graphic T-shirt to give more interest. Her Converse can also be seen as more of a summer shoe as they does not provide the best support for these inches of snow; however, she keeps warm with thick layers of socks, which are a staple in her wardrobe. Socks can be that secret weapon that add pattern and funk to an outfit, but also pull an outfit all together and, of course, keep you warm. Adding her final layer of the army green coat and the knit mittens, her colors still work with the rest of her outfit. The outerwear just completes the look. Mixing and matching larger silhouettes and patterns is a huge trend developing in the fashion world. These trends also go along with the hipster movement that has been recently trending.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You should definitely feel comfortable about what you are wearing and not be afraid to put what you like together. Oh, and always wear cool socks.”