Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s time to shy away from showing off your style. Sure, it’s tempting to bundle up in the same down coat and jeans day after day, but that doesn’t keep things very interesting, does it? This Fashionisto would have to agree with me that winter wear doesn’t have to be boring.

As this Fashionisto so perfectly demonstrates, the name of the game is layering. And what a better time to layer up than in sub-zero temperatures? Each component of his outfit complements the next to create a stylish yet warm look. He starts by layering an orange and gray plaid shirt underneath a navy sweater. By allowing just the bottom of his shirt to peek out, he instantly adds a little extra style to his look.

Next, he tops off the sweater with a green plaid vest in a subtle print, so as not to clash patterns. He accents his look with a cream-colored scarf and pairs it with brown cords and coordinating boots. Though he mixes prints and textures, each piece of this look works with the next because of their overall earthy tones. Finally, he transports his belongings from class to class with a cool, olive green backpack.

So, if you think you have an excuse to continue wearing that down, puffy coat and jeans combination, study this Fashionisto’s look and think again. The key to achieving this perfect winter look is all in the layering. Make it interesting by mixing patterns and textures in the same color family, and try to stay away from dull grays and blacks. As this Fashionisto shows, this sleepy winter season doesn’t have to go on without style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Winter is the best season of the year to experiment with your style. Layers are much needed during these cold months anyway, so why not wear them in a bold way?”