October 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

As autumn finally takes over with the changing of the leaves, an abundance of pumpkin flavored products and cooler weather, we must officially say farewell to the warm and long summer days. This includes transitioning our closets from the vibrant colors worn during the summer and opting for more neutral and earthy tones; however, this transition should not mean that you have to trade in your high hemlines for a pair of leggings or pants!

Fall is a tricky season to dress for because temperatures are somewhere between summer and winter; it’s not warm enough to wear shorts, yet it’s not cold enough to be covered from head to toe. This problem can be solved by mixing and matching articles of clothing that are typically worn during the summer with ones worn during the winter. For example, you could pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt and add a cardigan to the mix. In short, the possibilities are endless!

The key to navigating fall fashion is layering. Many college students jump straight from summer clothing to winter clothing; they forget that they can layer pieces together and diversify their wardrobe in the fall. Layering gives you the ability to look unique and stand out, since you aren’t going for the traditional leggings and long sleeve look. You also have the opportunity to utilize different types of outerwear during the fall, such as leather biker jackets, denim jackets and ponchos. These are all, great for layering and can really bring your outfit together!

This Fashionista is perfectly demonstrating the art of layering. She has paired a patterned mini skirt with a pair of opaque black tights, a knit sweater over a white button-down, along with a navy peacoat. Her look is perfect for the fall because she is able to stay warm, yet is able to play around with trends. The plaid in her skirt, her red lips and her lilac backpack all pop since everything else she is wearing is very subtle and neutral. The peacoat also makes the look unique and overall ties the outfit together. So, if you want to look trendy this fall, think twice before you go for that pair of leggings!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to wear a skirt even if it’s getting a littler colder outside. Layer up with some tights and a nice jacket or peacoat and you’ll still be cozy!”