When winter comes around, it becomes difficult to dress properly for the weather. However, I was lucky enough to escape last week’s blizzard! I spent the majority of my winter break in London, and I realized that the weather is not nearly as bipolar there as it is here. As I’ve said, I spent my freshman year across the pond and the one thing that never failed me were my layers! It is the most crucial element to nailing your “brace-the-cold” outfit.

A staple item has to be a great jacket. Jackets are the key to my heart. Once you’ve nailed that aspect, the rest is quite easy and very versatile, depending on your individual style. This Fashionisto mastered his look by pairing his collared jacket with a chunky knit sweater. I told him that it’s my favorite sweater of his and I’m going to steal it. Brits tend to love their skinny jeans, so this Fashionisto did me the honor of showcasing them. With the heavy layering on top, a slim legged pant of any kind creates the element of sleekness. Paired with dress shoes, this outfit can be transformed from day to night. These suede ones are to die for!

Because the weather has been all over the place as of late, it is crucial to wear the right materials. New York has so much slush from the melted snow, so suede probably isn’t the best option for you. If you want to keep the pizazz of dress shoes, but opt for a leather, get them weather treated and you are good to go! As for jackets, navy and black are amazing but are so common. Try a new color. I’m loving all shades of brown, especially those topes. A slate gray can be very sexy on a man as well.  

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If it’s comfortable, do it!”