There is truly nothing more chic or flattering than the color black. This Fashionista nailed it with these black faux leather pants, as leather is a huge texture for the fall and winter months. Black doesn’t reflect much light, giving your body more of a silhouette rather than showing all the imperfections that may be holding back your confidence while stocking up on holiday snacks for the winter, an issue that has proven itself a consistent and inevitable fate in my experience. There is truly nothing better than putting on a little black dress and feeling invincible and stylish, like a Fashionista should.

A great part about wearing black is that it can be transitioned from casual, to business-like to fancy with little change to your outfit. It’s what makes black great for those busy Mondays where work goes back-to-back with classes, internships and all sorts of club meetings. Just pack some extra comfy pants, a cute top or a blazer to complete your look the way you want it. Black is always best when paired with more black, which is what this Fashionistas closet consists most of. There have been many times where I have unintentionally dressed in all-black and had never felt more fierce. If you’re not feeling up to the heaviness of an all-black outfit, a great idea is to opt for some lighter colored booties or a jacket. Other neutrals look the best with black such as taupe, white and gray; or if you’re looking to add some more interest, distressed graphic T-shirts of any color are the best, just like this Fashionista proves.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When in doubt, wear black and carry a lint roller. I think your friends will always be your best accessory. They should be wearing black, too.”