Don Draper was once quoted saying, “make it simple, but significant.” The most complex and stylish outfits are made up of varying layers or components. These clothing pieces by themselves could be seen as inattention worthy and rather boring. But, when placed together they can create an unstoppable outfit that is fearless and ready to take on a busy day of interning or a laid back day of shopping and a dinner date with that lucky someone. By keeping your outfit limited to the basics, you leave room for interpretation and for your personal style to come shining through. The Fashionisto I found this week did exactly that; he limited his clothing options to rather simple pieces and then added in a new trend to incorporate them all together (while, of course, adding in accessories that truly show the person behind them).

The plaid trend is very popular right now, which surprisingly is not what caught my eye when I first noticed this Fashionisto. What caught my eye was that this particular plaid shirt and its lack of sleeves! The cut-off look brings a whole new element to the everyday plaid shirt and allows the look to be worn by more than the usual plaid wearing men, due to its unusual and eye-catching appearance. What is great about this style is that it is multiple season wear. Throw on a thermal in the fall and it can be worn and styled just the same. Garments like these are awesome finds and don’t come around too often!

He wore his plaid shirt over a long blue T-shirt, which was styled perfectly to bring out the blue accents within the pattern on his button down. On the bottom he wore his black ripped skinny jeans that brought out the other color that was hidden within the plaid pattern. His outfit was extremely well put together and styled to perfection. To tie together his outfit he had on brown and black suede boots, I saw this as a very bold choice to be wearing during the summer time, but I guess we all make sacrifices for fashion! He topped off his outfit with a thick twisted gold bracelet and a pair of men’s round sunglasses.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Experiment with your style because you never know what you like until you try it on and see”