As a college student, sometimes we get caught in the rut of wearing sweatshirts and leggings to class. It’s easy and comfortable, and we can crawl right into bed afterwards. However, we all envy that student who takes the time to put effort into their outfit for class. This Fashionisto hits the mark with the perfect mix of a dressy and casual look to wear to class and around campus.

What makes this Fashionisto stand out is his careful balance between suiting up and dressing down. He is sporting the timeless Nike swoosh sneakers, with a contemporary twist of netted material instead of the classic leather. Next, he pairs khakis with a printed button-down shirt. The khakis, while professional, are also a straight cut showing us a more laid back look. The button-down shows he is ready for business, but knows how to have fun at the same time. This Fashionisto kept the top two buttons open to give his outfit a more relaxed look. Given the time of year, he paired a blazer to finish it off.

He is also showing us that neutrals are in! From his khaki’s to the navy blazer, you cannot go wrong with neutrals. Of course, accessories make any outfit complete. The signature watch shows his timeliness and his ring showcases his accomplishments. He also noted his outfit is directly from Australia, where he was just studying abroad. This makes his look especially unique and special.

So fashion lovers, next time you want to roll out of bed and wear that sweatshirt, think about this Fashionisto and make a fashion statement instead.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For me fashion is all about looking good and being comfortable. So many people dress nice and look stiff, and as an athlete involved in sports focused on my legs, it’s hard for me to find pants that fit nicely around my thighs. So, I go for jeans and joggers that have designs made with spandex and/or elastane–for full movement while looking good!”