STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keeping It Simple With Linen

During the summer months there is nothing better than being able to throw on a dress and a couple of accessories to create an effortless look. We have all wore that uncomfortable dress that clings to the body on a hot, humid day which makes us feel not so fashionable. To combat this, a linen dress is great, because of its light fabric. The linen is weaved together to allow airflow between the dress and body reducing the clinging, while keeping you cool.

White linen evokes memories of Italy walking along the sandy beaches watching people in their crispy white linen outfits looking relaxed and carefree. It is a great option to throw over a swimsuit for a casual look or for a dressier look while exploring the city with friends.

This Fashionista is wearing a linen dress that is a perfect fit for this hot summer day. While most linen dresses are white, a striped linen dress such as this transforms the outfit from plain to sharp and distinctly different. To keep the dress as the main focus this Fashionista keeps her accessories simple and uncluttered. A floppy black hat, sunglasses and minimalist gold rings keep it simple and summery. A pair of black, leather open toed flats are great, as it allows you to show off your freshly painted toes. To complete this summer outfit, she kept things light and simple. This Fashionista added a vintage purse that made the outfit her own.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The main focus is to stay cool yet stylish during these hot and muggy days of summer. A linen dress easily allows you to accomplish both!”