I hope everyone is having a great semester so far! I know I am; I just wish it wasn’t so dang hot all the time! When it’s scorching like this outside and we sweat all the way to class, the only advice I have to save your looks are KEEP IT SIMPLE! Just because it is the beginning of the year, and for some of you the very beginning of your college career; don’t force yourself to wear outfits that restrict you or could make you pass out from heat exhaustion! Yes, that outfit you’ve been saving all summer is very cute and I know you’re dying to wear it to class, but don’t put fashion before comfort in this case!

The fact is, you can still be extremely fashionable while also keeping your outfit simple, comfortable and weather appropriate. Learn from this gorgeous Fashionista I spotted on campus. Her flowy, lightweight top is simple yet in fashion. The cutout shoulders make it completely weather appropriate for those 89-degree walks to class!

This Fashionista has paired her comfortable top with some always stylish, green cargo shorts. These bottoms add a boost of color to her outfit and are completely practical for the season. They are also lightweight and non-restrictive! Don’t squeeze yourself into a pair of tight pleather shorts while the thermostat reads 95 degrees and you have a 15-minute walk to class! Keep it simple, trust me, those shorts will be useful in a couple weeks but not yet!

Finally, the Fashionista has completed her outfit with a practical pair of sandals. Walking across campus and sweating A LOT means it’s not the best idea to wear sandals with small straps that can dig into your toes or ankles. It’ll cause you unnecessary pain throughout your day, and who really needs that on top of all the work you’ve just been given?

Take note from this Fashionista and add a bit of jewelry where you feel comfortable doing so. Here, she wears a very small pendant on her necklace that enhances and complements her outfit well. So remember, keep it simple, comfortable and practical! Your couture outfits can wait, for now, stay hydrated and keep rocking your light summer fashion.