STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep Calm and Put a Scarf On

Everyone scream after me, “SCARVES ARE OUR BEST FRIEND!” With the weather getting even cooler in Chicago, bundling up is a must. Despite the freezing weather, it gives Fashionistas and Fashionistos the opportunity to work with and collaborate with different pieces of one’s wardrobe. One item of clothing you can never have too much of during the cool months are scarves.

This Fashionista nailed the scarf game with her blush, oversized scarf, or at least would if scarf games were even a thing. Blush is a tone that’s always in and will brighten up any look. I loved how she paired her scarf with a dark, oversized sweater, skinny jeans and black flats. She kept her look simple, but the slouchy sweater and draping scarf gave her look enough detail in an effortless way.

Oversized and blanket scarves are the simplest finishes to amp up any look. There are so many different textures, patterns and colors out there to work with. Do not be afraid to have a scarf clash against your outfit in order to let the scarf stand out. The thickness will not only keep you warm, but will add a dimension to your look that you cannot pull off during the summer months. Tucking your hair underneath your scarf, as seen on the runways of Tory Burch, BCBG and Tom Ford, will give any Fashionista or Fashionisto a sleek finish.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Throwing on a scarf, especially when in a rush for class, finishes my look with detail without having to spend much time!”