You know that oh-so typical “did you know?” person that you just love to hate? Duh! Of course you do. Right now, that’s about to be me…so strap in and try not to disown me as your favorite CollegeFashionista Style Guru.

Did you know that chewing gum was supposed to be a replacement for rubber? Shocking, I know. Although, it does sound like my 8:00 a.m. lab partner is chomping away at a doggie toy. Chewing like a cow is an understatement.

And, did you know that Kleenex was supposed to be a cold cream remover? Seriously, without the genius idea to use these moisturizing cloths of joy on our noses, we would chronically look like our dear friend Rudolf—not fun.

Now, did you know that sticky notes were supposed to be adhesives used in the building of planes? Um, hello! If that were the case, my you’re-beautiful-even-though-your-hair-looks-like-a-rats-nest notes would not stick to my mirror.

But, most importantly, did you know that joggers were not meant for jogging? Wait! What? Hold the phone! I know this fun fact is harder to digest than all the rest, but let me tell you, this one might be the most exciting. Joggers are all the rage right now. They are chicer than chic, cooler than cool and hipper than hip. But, pulling off this look can be a tad challenging, so let’s turn to this expert Fashionista, so she can teach us her ways.

First, keep in mind that the pants you’re sporting are baggy. The last thing you need is to look like you’re heading to a slumber party in pajamas from head to toe. Keep your figure in mind and try to pair the loose joggers with a tighter top like the one pictured here. The next step is to ensure you look polished with the perfect accessories. This Fashionista embraced the mixed metal trend by decking herself out in a silver monogram necklace, a gold Hermès click clack and gold Cartier love bracelet. The methodical jewelry showed that effort was a factor in getting dressed, and it perfectly balanced out the laid back nature of the pant. The Steve Madden sneakers dressed down this look, allowing for a perfect ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make sure you buy a pair that has a somewhat silky undertone for versatility! Then, you can wear them with sneakers and be super casual or switch it up and opt for some delicate heels. Two totally different looks with one pant!”