September 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

When picturing fall fashion, we tend to think of cozy layers that will keep us warm during the cool, crisp mornings. Sweaters, cardigans, jackets, ponchos and scarves are all great options. But what about those days that are technically fall, yet feel more like summer? The days when the weather is too warm to wear sweaters and jeans, but not quite summer-y enough to wear shorts and crop tops? The perfect solution: a jumpsuit. Check out this Fashionista’s stylish getup.

This Fashionista wore a stunning olive-colored jumpsuit from Tomorrowland that had flattering ruched detailing in the center. She paired it with a gorgeous gold statement necklace and gold earrings, both purchased in Japan. On her feet, she sported a pair of suede camel wedges, also from Japan. Lastly, to add even more glamour, she threw on oversized sunglasses.

If you’re looking for an outfit to wear during the transition from summer to fall, a jumpsuit is the way to go. It provides the ideal amount of coverage, having long pant legs and various sleeve lengths, normally either sleeveless or three-quarter length sleeves. Also, they are typically made out of thinner materials, such as jersey, so even if you wear one with longer sleeves, you will still feel cool and breezy. They are appropriate for nearly any occasion, both formal and casual, as they can be dressed up or down. Additionally, as this Fashionista demonstrated, it can look fabulous when put together with the right accessories.

So, don’t choose between being too cold or too warm any longer! Use this Fashionista’s outfit as a guide and jump into a jumpsuit. My recommendation for those warmer fall days is to wear it with a wide-brimmed felt hat and a bold platform heels.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always remember to have fun with whatever you wear. Smile and show your personality through your clothes.”