STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jump When I Say Jump, Girl

From Elvis to Kendall Jenner, everyone loves a good jumpsuit. Coming back into the fashion realm time and time again, this look has proven to be absolutely timeless. Dig out your mom’s storage bin from the ’70s, because the jumpsuit is back and better than ever. Available in many prints, patterns and fabrics, there’s a jumpsuit available for any occasion imaginable.

The jumpsuit is no longer just for parachute divers or inmates, in fact, it’s for everyone. Taking the romper a few lengths further, a jumpsuit makes it easier than ever to run out for errands or even break out on the dance floor with both full coverage and comfort while still keeping it classy, sleek and elegant all hours of the day.

Over the years, fancy necklines and exquisite back designs have transformed these one-pieces into feminine items which have become a fashion staple for women everywhere. Lately, pageant girls have been seen stepping out in beaded jumpsuits over classic evening gowns. This truly shows how versatile a jumpsuit can be.

This trend may seem too daring for some, so how does one pull it off with ease? Ask this Fashionista. Her white jumpsuit with yellow floral prints easily stands out in her look as shown here. Customized with a laced-up back and skinny straps, this jumpsuit is both fun and flirty, yet appropriate for summer nights. Her brown cork wedges keep things simple while silver jewelry dresses this outfit up without being too distracting.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think jumpsuits are such a hot item because they give off a chic look while being extremely effortless.”