STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jump Start to Fall Fashion

It’s September, and you know what that means: the transition from breezy summer clothes to bundled fall layers. My problem has always been what to wear during this transition. Skirts will billow up in the wind, but jeans are still a bit much on the hotter days. In all honesty, I want the simplicity of throwing on an easy summer dress all year round, even when I am out of California and in New York. My wardrobe has also transitioned into more blacks and whites, mixed with pops of color, so shopping can be a struggle when all the stores are stocked with fall browns and jewel tones. What is a girl in my situation to do?

This Fashion Institute of Technology student seems to have the answer to both my dilemmas. Spotted sitting in front of FIT decked out in a cobalt blue jumpsuit, she was not easy to miss. She was the image of how to do fall the right way, in a new way.

The jumpsuit has been trending since the ‘70s started weaving its way back onto the runways in the more recent years. Add her take on accessorizing it, and you have got yourself the perfect answer as to what to have in your closet this fall. Already a daring item, this Fashionista’s jumpsuit stands out in this stunning color. Her Amarcord Vintage jumpsuit looks fun with a strappy pair of H&M sandals and some cool, silver-edged sunglasses. Her choker adds a rebellious tone to the soft drape of her jumpsuit’s bodice. Not to mention, the shiny speckled pattern on the fabric of this jumpsuit creates glamour in an outfit already oozing attitude.

Instead of throwing on the typical browns and reds, instead of having the hassle of putting together a collaborative top and bottom, this Fashionista simply threw on this bright jumpsuit to start off the fall season. It looks fun and trendy in an effortless way, so why not try it yourself? Besides, putting together an outfit should not be like assembling that Ikea shelf in your dorm room.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Experimentation is key.”