January 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Ah, the bitter cold of Michigan is finally here to stay, it seems. The weather now calls for thick sweaters, cuddly blankets and lots of hot chocolate. The fashion on campus certainly reflects the change as well. Jewel tones in clothing have become more and more common on this chilly campus. Jewel tones are the deep rich colors of wine, navy, emerald and so on. I think of them as summer colors matured. These shades are perfect for the mature Fashionistas because they tend to be more muted in their beauty.

I think this is such a wonderful trend for those Fashionistas who are drawn to darker or more neutral colors throughout the year. These darker colors can be worn so many different ways that it is easy to fall back on them winter after winter. One of the great things about jewel tones is that they are incredibly easy to pair with neutrals. This Fashionista saw an amazing opportunity to show off some color while also keeping warm. She rocks maroon corduroys with a slate gray sweater for a interesting, yet cozy, outfit. Her addition of a reversible patterned scarf adds interest to the top without taking away from the pants.

You can always incorporate these darker colors in other ways as well! Trying a wine colored lipstick or deep emerald scarf is a fun way to add color to an otherwise neutral outfit. Personally, I love layering a jewel tone sweater over a neutral shift dress for a casual and fashionable outfit. Throw on some tights, and the cold will not be an issue for the later months.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always stay true to your personal style, but remember to dress for the weather! It’s cold in Michigan, so find a way to mix style with functionality.”