When I tried to buy my first pair of ripped jeans I was with my grandmother at the mall. She looked at me horror and wondered why on earth I would want to wear something that was “ruined.” But I think that’s what makes the ripped jeans look so cool. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is one thing, but throwing on a pair of ripped jeans and a T-shirt takes your “I just don’t care” style to a whole new level. All major clothing companies have their own take on them, and distressed denim is not hard to find. What’s hard to find is just the right fit for you. Sometimes a streamlined jegging can give the sleek look you want, or a more relaxed silhouette can match your relaxed and laid back attitude.

When I stopped this Fashionista and asked about her jeans, she told me she ripped them herself! Even though we are paying for less denim, ripped jeans always seem to cost more. This Fashionista said she bought this pair for seven dollars and watched a DIY video on how to get the grisly look she wanted. Styled with a faux suede Kendall & Kylie top, black jeans (because everything looks more kick butt in black) and finished off with Vera Wang booties, this Fashionista was ready for a day of fearless rebellion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to wear a lot of lace and Lily Pulitzer, but when I have a big day ahead of me and need a confidence boost, I look to a pair of ripped jeans to give me that. How can you not feel cool in these things?”