Jean jackets have always been a timeless fashion trend that never seems to go out of style. Maybe it’s the variety of ways jean jackets can be worn or the different styles that come out each year but whatever it is, jean jackets seem to be relevant everywhere. Every Fashionista is bound to find a jean jacket that suits her personal style. From acid-washed to dark denim and ripped to oversized, jean jackets can be found in every approach.

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I used to think of jean jackets I would think of either motor-cyclers or hippies but that stereotype has definitely disappeared. I now consider a denim jacket as a staple in any Fashionista’s closet. Whether it be a grungy ripped jacket or a light-wash fitted jacket, jean jackets spice up any outfit.

Layering is also an easy way to sport a denim jacket. Some people are hesitant about layering because they believe it will make them look bigger than they actually are, however, when done correctly a layered outfit can actually enhance curves and elongate the body. Wearing a shorter jean jacket with a longer sweater underneath, like this Fashionista, complements and lengthens the silhouette.

My favorite kind of jean jacket is one that can be worn over just about everything. This Fashionista rocks her jean jacket to class over a casual sweater and leggings. This outfit is not only comfortable but also doesn’t take very long to assemble! As a college student, this is a look we strive for: looking stylish and put together while feeling like we are still in our pajamas. To tie the look together, this Fashionista adds a pair of white perforated leather slip-ons.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layer! I love layering because it can really transform an outfit.”