STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It's the Little Things

Wearing less during the summer is obviously the norm, but how do we make less actually appear to be more? We all always try to show off our wardrobe by bringing out our most trendy pieces of clothing, but why not try to spice things up with what’s going on around your outfit—jewelry, shoes, hair and/or makeup.

The heat is brutal come this time of summer and the only thing we want to wear are our tiniest shorts with a tank top thrown on. Usually when I try to do this I end up looking like I just rolled out of bed, but this Fashionista worked with this simple look and gave it life.

Everyone owns a pair of denim shorts that they can pair with literally any top in their closet, and I know you all own bralettes and tank tops. So now that you too have the look, here’s how to get more out of it. This Fashionista layered a lace bralette underneath her tank, bringing in some texture. Her denim is light washed and her tank is a very neutral color—usually meaning one would decide to throw on some neutral colored (nude/tan) gladiators and call it good, but not too fast. By pairing this outfit with a darker sandal, we are given that statement piece. The darker sandal draws a certain attention to this look allowing more of a bold and simply classier look to come about, rather than your casual blended in neutral colors.

Another thing this Fashionista did really well with is accessorizing. Her outfit alone would be very dull; going outside of just what she is wearing allowed her to provide this look with more life. The choker is a trend that is poppin’ right now, giving her a touch of edginess and allowing her trendy side to show. She went with the white choker to complement that white-laced bralette hiding under the tank. Another aspect of her look that draws in the eye are her rings. The rings are little details that give the look more substance.

This whole look plays a lot with old and new trends. The outfit is so simple, but everything going on around it speak for this Fashionista. The scrunchie and choker show her vintage  style, while the bralette and Alex and Ani bracelets show her new, modern style. She brought this look life by giving the eye multiple little details to wander about.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you have an outfit in mind that turns up too dull or simple for you, before changing try to dress it up with accessories, fun shoes,or even layers. It’s always more fun to work outside of the lines.”