STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It's All About the Tall T-shirt

I look back on the evolution of men’s T-shirts and I cringe: the too deep V-necks, the polo shirts or shirts with immature prints. All of these remind me of the boys in my adolescent years. Although crewnecks have been on trend for a while now, there’s something so fantastic and different about a dramatic long T-shirt.

The trend screams streetwear, but can be worn a combination of ways and to most occasions. If dressing up is more your style then throw a blazer over it. If you’re having dinner with a date then the shirt pairs well with chino jogger pants to give a more relaxed look.

This Fashionisto not only pulls off the tall tee trend, but he takes it completely to the next level. The long crewneck T-shirt hits just the right spot on the activewear sweatshorts to create an overall layered and causal look. Giving off an activewear vibe, I imagine he’s prepared to take on the streets of Kutztown with those athletic wear shoes, the bright white contrasting perfectly with the rest of the outfit. I’m crazy about neutral colors, so seeing this black-on-gray color combination made this Fashionisto stand out to me.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like the tall [T-shirt] because in the winter I like to wear a lot of layers, but in the warmer months I don’t really have that opportunity. With a T-shirt like this one, I can accentuate my height and echo the idea of layers.”