Spring Break finally starts after the tiring winter quarter; during this much needed week, Fashionistas/os don’t face any time pressure when trying on multiple outfits in the morning. More leisure time slows down our pacing back and forth between the closet and a full body mirror. Some Fashionistas/os begin trying on spring attire to be fully prepared during this short break. This Fashionista, who is a business school student at UW, found an impressive combination for her daily business casual look.

The overall monochromatic and classic tone fits the precise and fastidious business world setting. But at the same time, this Fashionista’s garments are not boring or stiff at all. Both the bottom white layer and the gray cardigan have irregular edges, which sends the message of her flexibility and activeness. The white shirt has two layers and they differ from each other in two distinct materials: voile and cotton. Depth and animation are injected into the shirt due to the design.

The texture and style of this gray cardigan helps establish and an elegance and classiness. Irregular edges glamorize the cardigan with more femininity, especially when it is waving and dancing to the breeze. To complete the monochromatic combination that I love the most for this spring, black has once again shown its great power of embellishing one’s bottom half. What’s clever is this Fashionista’s selection of a pair of black knee-high boots. The color, stretching and length successfully camouflage them on top of the black pant.

The delicate design on the back of her white shirt embodies the idea of irregular edges in a subtle way. Compared to the solid irregularity of the cardigan‘s bottom, the linear and detailed irregularity brings sassiness and more femininity. Her enchanting purple-pink lipstick also adds to the feminine quality of her look. Jumping out from the white, black and gray, the lipstick’s color adds the sweet finishing touch to her look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Irregularity! This small detail will activate the regular business outfit and leaves your peers with a deep impression of your charm.”