Whether you are leaving your parents’ house to move into a dorm or graduating from college to start an independent life, a new wardrobe is in order. Of course, you will not start from zero, but a checklist of specific items of clothing is more than necessary. In any girl’s closet there should be: a pair of jeans, blazer, white T-shirt, tennis shoes, trench coat, black pumps and I have taken the liberty of adding a knee-length vest.

This Fashionista is what made me obsess over the not-so-obvious fashion staple. A vest is not something I would normally invest in, but I have now learned that it can make a world of a difference in an outfit. Sort of like a trench coat, the possibilities of mixing clothes with a knee-length vest are near infinite. This collegiate opted to make her black dress casual chic by adding the beige vest, but she could have easily worn the staple with shorts and a tank top. The result would be just as trendy.

Another detail that drew my attention was color of the vest. Wearing something beige is like using a blank canvas. Anything will look good with this color. The easiest way to prove this point is by mixing beige with black, a contrasting tone that also adds a factor of class to the outfit. Nonetheless, a gray, white or navy blue vest would also look great, since they are all basic colors. Remember, classic tones are the starting point of a basic wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I wear this vest with other pieces of clothing, as well, such as jeans and a tucked in shirt.”