October 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Frayed hems are everywhere right now. Frayed denim is a huge trend, especially in the blogger world. Big names like Mary Seng from Happily Grey, Jacey Duprie from Damsel in Dior, Man Repeller and pretty much everyone in between are sporting the trend and constantly reinventing it in new ways.
Frayed hems have also taken over the Pinterest-sphere with inciting DIY (Do It Yourself) pins on how to easily recreate the look. Anything DIY for me just equals frustration and almost always ends in disappointment, so usually I will skip the denim Pinterest boards and go right to the stores.
One of my favorite ways to wear frayed denim, which I have seen on many Fashionista/os, is a wide leg, cropped pair of light washed jeans, with the undone frayed hem and a crisp white blouse. This look is great because you can really personalize it with jewelry, bags, bold beauty looks and of course, any shoes you want. I love how a loafer with this look versus a laced-up four inch heel can change the outfit entirely. Based on your shoe choice, it can represent two very different styles and tastes.
Although this type of look is great, I was very excited to see this Fashionista in my communications class sporting the look in a way I hadn’t seen before. The frayed denim skirt has the relaxed look but is still neat and polished. The tucked in T-shirt helps maintain that chill, cool girl vibe. I am also in love with the saying on the shirt, being a Jersey girl and a wannabe New Yorker. The Converse give the look a more vintage, sporty vibe which makes the outfit seem more indie-inspired. The bunched up socks are the perfect way to pull this look together by adding another relaxed element. Socks are often overlooked or forgotten about, however, they can be a unique and creative way to take your look to the next level.
Frayed denim is such a versatile trend that it is perfect for transitioning into a new season. In the summer you probably rocked cut-off shorts or even a frayed denim shift dress. As we are moving into the cooler months you can try out undone hems on your jeans or frayed denim jackets. Have fun with this trend and really make it your own like this Fashionista did. Have a #RAD frayed fall!