STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Infinity and Beyond

As the fall season comes to an end and students are cramming in last minute essays and final exams, this Fashionista does it in style. Her look is the perfect mix of comfortable and stylish and her burgundy infinity scarf adds a fun and versatile feature to complete the look.

Infinity scarves are wearable year-round and you can rock them in any way. This Fashionista wore her scarf with a beige knit cardigan that came down to her knees. She wore denim ripped jeans with a basic black long sleeve top underneath the cardigan. She matched her outfit with a comfortable pair of brown suede moccasins, which complement the burgundy infinity scarf. She wore silver infinity rings and silver bracelets with a starfish on one and the initials C.M. on the other, which stands for Cape May, where her favorite beach town is.

What better way to dress up then topping it off with a beautiful scarf? The infinity scarf is a style that we can’t get enough of because it is easy to wear and trendy. There are so many ways to wear an infinity scarf which make it a fun accessory. It also keeps you nice and warm as the December weather gets colder. It is simply the perfect way to keep cozy while you are studying for those final exams.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I particularly prefer wearing an infinity scarf because it does all the work for you. Sometimes I will even wear traditional scarves to resemble an infinity. It is both comfortable and cute!”