It has been nothing but sleet, snow and ice outside for the past couple of days. This makes for perfect weather to stay inside curled up with a good book and a giant cup of hot chocolate. This week is really important; it’s time to say goodbye to hometown friends and pack up the memories of winter break and go your own way.

This Fashionisto incorporated the weather into his outfit with his ice blue plaid shirt. I have to say, I’ve been obsessed with this color lately. I was very happy to see this color worn during such a dreary time. With the addition of his weatherproof accessories, this Fashionisto was ready to battle the elements to grab a slice of pizza with friends!

Ice blue isn’t a color you usually see in the winter months. You’re more likely to see its darker shade, navy, worn in abundance this time of year. It’s a refreshing color and a trend that I’m seeing everywhere I look. I love that this Fashionisto took a different approach to his pant choice and went with a tan shade instead of the normal denim or black jean. By keeping his boots in the same color family, this Fashionisto makes him seem super tall!

Can we talk about how cool his jacket is? I love that it brings such a unique textual component to this Fashionisto’s outfit. It really brings the outfit to another level and provides a nice layer of warmth!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Tuck in shirts that have tails and maintain your beard. Make sure you wear clothes that you believe look good on you. Stay away from the color yellow and wear blue instead. Black goes with anything.”