There’s something special about vintage clothing. Everything is one of a kind and finding that perfect item can feel like a dream. I find vintage fascinating because each piece has a unique story to tell. I can’t help but wonder how the previous owner incorporated the piece in their wardrobe. I find it exciting to think that I get to wear that same garment and continue to write its story while embodying my own style. Thrift stores are a great place to look for pieces that don’t go out of style to unique textiles that make a statement.

Dressed in an almost full vintage ensemble, she most definitely stands out. She is an intern at a local vintage shop called Curio. She spotted this colorful, striped secretary blouse while thrifting and paired it with a fitted overall dress from PacSun. Thankfully, overalls are back and seem like they’re going to stick around. Designers such as Nicole Miller and Adam Selman have featured overalls in their spring 2016 runway shows. They are so versatile and can work with virtually any season by adding or subtracting layers. Her oversized sunnies are also vintage and to get that dreamy mod look, check out this pair from Wildfox. To finish off the look, she threw on a rad pair of vintage white boots to go along with the casual ’60s vibe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I feel most confident wearing colorful, vintage clothes that make me stand out in a crowd. I just like to have fun with my wardrobe and wear things that reflect my personality. I love big sunglasses, faux fur, wooden heels, and bright psychedelic patterns. Wearing vintage is especially wonderful because it’s a sure fire way to make sure that no one else will ever have on the same outfit as you.”